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Journal Publications

1 .G. Kumar, J.Eckert, L. Schultz and S. Ram;Materials Letters 53 (2002) 305: "Formation and thermal stability of cluster structure in NdCuNiCoAl bulk amorphous alloy".

2 .G. Kumar, J.Eckert,S. Roth, W. Löser, L. Schultz and S. Ram;Journal of Applied Physics 91 (2002) 3764: "Magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-Co(Cu)-Al-B amorphous alloys prepared by nonequilibrium techniques".

Contribution to Conferences

1. G. Kumar, J.Eckert, L. Q. Xing, A. Güth, S. Roth, W. Löser, and S. Ram; 2000 MRS fall meeting (Boston, USA): "Effect of Preparation on Glass Formation and Magnetic Properties of Nd-Fe-Co-Al-B Alloys".

2. G. Kumar, J. Eckert, S. Roth, W. Löser, S. Ram, and L. Schultz; 22nd Risř International Symposium on Materials Science (Roskilde, Denmark): "Formation of cluster structure and phase separation in cast Nd-Fe-Co-Al alloys".